The History of Demidov Armor: How We Came to Tailoring Luxury Bulletproof Vests

For over 25 years DemidovArmor have been making men’s garment. When they was just learning to sew and helped my housemate make shoes. He was the best shoemaker in town, but since he was already in his old age, it was challenging for him to make shoes and asked me to assist him with that. His clients like him were elderly with persistent legs problem and required comfortable shoes. They were found searching for comfortable shoes in the stores. Thanks to the old man, they have been able sewing comfortable shoes, journey towards tailoring and making suits for unique body shapes just started from there. Their clients were people with peculiar figure and body shape and were unable to find adequate and suitable clothes for themselves.

They are generally; tall and obese overweight and they require suits tailored to their personalized demands. Their kill of tailoring is not limited on sewing only unique and personalized suits but also making it flawless and emphasizing of the look of the of the person wears it so that he should look dignified. As they moved to work in the capital, opened an atelier in the government quarter and a significant portion of their clients became businessmen and politicians. As they received superior quality suits, they began to ask for the integration of armor into new suits. Their clients have brought the best examples of armor that can be purchased. Your task was to sew it as best as possible under the lining of the suit, so that when worn it would damage the dignified presence of armor. After all, there are many situations and places when it is impossible to shine with armor, so as not to sow tension among others.

In the United States, more than 5,000 times a day, weapons are used for self-defense. 90% of murders occur with short-barreled guns and only 10% occur with smoothbore rifles and carbines. The victims of carbines often became mass murders. Working with bulletproof vests, I noticed that they are all made according to the same principle and are only called hidden, they are not. I think that the reason for this is that basically all the armor manufacturers in the world are former military men who earn money on tender supplies for the army and police, and there-the cheaper, the better. Naturally, such an approach to creating armor for the civilian market will not give the necessary result.

Also, the excessive softness of the” hidden ” armor carries with it a very serious injury when hit and it happens that the shock from the pain of broken ribs does not allow a person to respond adequately to an attack. They set a goal for yourself to create a truly best concealed-carry bulletproof vest in the world that protects human life and health as much as possible.

Creating non-standard shoes and clothes brought me a tremendous experience. Thanks to which, using the best modern ballistic materials, They’re able to develop a technology for creating an individual concealed-carry bulletproof vest that really fits perfectly on the body repeating its exact geometry. This gives a significant ease of wearing, and also allowed to reduce injuries tenfold. For example, you tested the armor on yourself with a shot from a glock17 – there was not even a bruise. Thanks to the work of the atelier in the government quarter, they met the president’s personal bodyguard, who, having given wonderful recommendations and suggestions on armor, highly appreciated the superiority of my design.

They’re very grateful to their client, who came to sew a shirt, and later became their business partner. When he was an engineer at Boeing, he used his experience in optimizing and accelerating the production of armor. Working with VIP clients allowed us to perfectly work out the production of armor by transferring it to the luxury format. Now it is a luxury accessory that also protects. The product DemidovArmor is very labor-intensive and the cost is several times higher than conventional bulletproof vests, so we can’t make it mass-produced. This product is for average plus people whose life and work are associated with risk. It is also no secret that when sheikhs and rich people travel to other countries, despite the presence of a large guard, they cannot carry weapons with them. And the armor is the only thing that can protect him.