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Negotiation etiquette: why conspicuous body armor can make negotiations difficult (Demidov Armor opinion)?

Why did you choose to open an atelier in the capital?

I moved to the capital because there is a variety of opportunities here that I can utilize to expand my business. I opened an atelier based in the government quarter where my business has grown in a very less time. My clients are businessmen, politicians, and the CEOs of security companies. They were very happy with the body armors I provided to them cause those body armors were of elite quality. They are really satisfied with my work and have put the orders for more products with their requirements. 

What type of bulletproof vest do you recommend to your client to purchase for his/her safety?

I provide my clients with qualitative body armor that can save their lives whenever they are in a critical situation. Whenever any client wants body armor, I always recommend them to purchase and wear …

The History of Demidov Armor: How We Came to Tailoring Luxury Bulletproof Vests

For over 25 years DemidovArmor have been making men’s garment. When they was just learning to sew and helped my housemate make shoes. He was the best shoemaker in town, but since he was already in his old age, it was challenging for him to make shoes and asked me to assist him with that. His clients like him were elderly with persistent legs problem and required comfortable shoes. They were found searching for comfortable shoes in the stores. Thanks to the old man, they have been able sewing comfortable shoes, journey towards tailoring and making suits for unique body shapes just started from there. Their clients were people with peculiar figure and body shape and were unable to find adequate and suitable clothes for themselves.

They are generally; tall and obese overweight and they require suits tailored to their personalized demands. Their kill of tailoring is not limited on sewing …