Negotiation etiquette: why conspicuous body armor can make negotiations difficult (Demidov Armor opinion)?

Why did you choose to open an atelier in the capital?

I moved to the capital because there is a variety of opportunities here that I can utilize to expand my business. I opened an atelier based in the government quarter where my business has grown in a very less time. My clients are businessmen, politicians, and the CEOs of security companies. They were very happy with the body armors I provided to them cause those body armors were of elite quality. They are really satisfied with my work and have put the orders for more products with their requirements. 

What type of bulletproof vest do you recommend to your client to purchase for his/her safety?

I provide my clients with qualitative body armor that can save their lives whenever they are in a critical situation. Whenever any client wants body armor, I always recommend them to purchase and wear transparent body armor that fits properly. It is not wise to make it obvious to others that you are wearing body armor because it can draw others’ attention to you and people may also get worried. 

How can a person be wearing body armor prominently can affect his/her surroundings?

Just imagine yourself in the spot where you are in the grocery store and out of nowhere there is a man wearing prominent body armor standing next to you then, of course, you will be worried. Or consider that you have a meeting with a man for negotiation in a restaurant and that man is attending a meeting by wearing heavy Demidov Armor which can cause an intense situation with so many strange questions. 

Why is it necessary to wear a bulletproof vest when anyone has so many guards protecting him/her from every angle?

There is a famous saying in our line of work “A DETECTED THREAT IS A NEUTRALIZED THREAT and a DETECTED PROTECTION IS A NEUTRALIZED PROTECTION”. Whenever any attacker notices so much security or weapons around its target, he changes his way of doing things and adapts a different approach which has the maximum chance for the success of his mission. This is the major disadvantage you can get by making your security or means of protection obvious. In a situation like this, guards cannot notice from where an attacker can attack in the crowd. 

According to the research, in 80 percent of the cases, security professionals are not provided with the time to pull out their weapons when anybody attacks them out of nowhere. And when we talk about common people then danger can be maximum. Having a quality bulletproof vest is the best way to deal with these kinds of situations which ensure 100% safety and provides a time to respond to anyone in danger in a matter of seconds.

What kind of body armor do you provide to your clients which can be distinguished from others? 

At our atelier, we provide our clients with every kind of bulletproof vest which includes Level IIA, Level II, Level IIIA, Level III, and Level IV armors. We provide the best quality and highly comfortable body Demidov Armor which assures the safety of armor users.